A powerful 6-month container for spiritual awakening, empowered leadership, and ascension.

Pursue your highest potential while leading others to greatness.

  • 12 Live Calls
  • 12 high-frequency Meditations
  • Initiation in the 12 Great Rays
  • Deep Dive Transformation
  • Divine, ancient archetype wisdom
  • Secret manifestation tips
  • Intuitive guidance and soul reading
  • Opening of your intuitive channel
  • Energy Activation & Light Codes
  • Powerful community & Mastermind

Soul Creation® Book!

Manifesting works - if it is in alignment with Source!

Every person is unique and you are a unique gift to this world.

Your soul purpose is a wonderful gift and a treasure to be found.

This gift - correctly recognized and used - is the key to everything beautiful and good in your life.

Your function is to find out what your soul’s purpose is. This book is meant to help you do that.

When you recognize your soul purpose, everything starts to fall into place.

Opportunities of unimagined magnitude will present themselves to you, orders from the universe will be delivered swiftly and you will manifest miracles upon miracles.

Through this book, you will remember your soul’s deepest truth and calling. You will get clarity about your soul purpose and how to use it to manifest sustainable success and meaning that will bring true happiness to your life.

Miracles and pure magic await you!

You are here to become the most magnificent and radiant version of yourself, unleash your full potential and live your highest visions.

"Soul Creation® - The power of source-aligned manifestation" is the key to this.

It is manifesting in alignment with Source. It is the manifesting of the future.

The author, Lisa Wallner, has been involved with spirituality and consciousness exploration since her early youth and has been assisting people for many years to realize their soul purpose's full potential and manifest their great visions.

In this book she accompanies you in this process:

  • To transform your personal reality
  • To recognize your soul purpose
  • To realize your full potential
  • To manifest sustainable success, prosperity, and happiness
  • All by enlisting the help ofmagic, miracles, your intuition and mindset shifting

Who is this book for?

  • For people who are interested in personal development, modern spirituality, and deep mindset work
  • For people who want to establish and intensify contact with their intuition and soul frequency
  • For spiritual entrepreneurs and those who want to become one

For whom is this book not suitable?

  • For people who are not interested in deep mindset work and modern spirituality
  • For people who cannot and do not want to deal with the topics of miracles, magic, and energy
  • For people who are only interested in status, money, and power


Lisa is an intuitive, empath, and spiritual teacher. She is an expert in holistic business coaching and she combines deep mindset work with modern spirituality.

She supports people in recognizing their soul purpose and manifesting their big life visions, sustainable success, and true abundance and wealth. She was trained as a spiritual teacher in Europe and the USA and has already accompanied ten thousands of people.

Her clients affectionately call her the "detective of the subconscious" because she can track down and untie deep-seated knots in the subconscious in a flash, as well as explain complex relationships in a simple and understandable way. In her book, she explains the universal laws of life, the science of success, and how we can realize the full potential of our soul's purpose. Lisa loves to guide people on the path to sustainable success. She was born with a crystal clear gift of perception that she has spent her life training and refining.

Through her love of development and unlocking potential, she has given ten thousands of sessions over the past 15 years and trained dozens of consultants in FoCos® constellation work and intuitive coaching.

"There are only two ways to live, either by considering nothing or everything as miracles."

Albert Einstein

Lisa lives spirituality and authenticity in her work in such a loving and open- minded way that one simply has to feel good in her presence. I am very grateful to have met her and can warmly recommend her work to everyone.

Christina Zoidl

Old Knowledge • Competence • Warmth • Love • Empathy • Clarity • Energetic Wisdom • A Wonderful Woman • Lovingly Sincere & Life Changing • Cell Renewal & Deep • High Swing • High Quality • Very Easy to Understand • Energetically Fluent • LIFE FEELS NEW THANK YOU

Lisa Ogbidi