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I am a business mentor, developer of FoCos® constellation work, best-selling author and spiritual teacher with 15 years of professional experience. 

Visionary entrepreneurship is my passion!

"There are only two ways to live, either by considering nothing or everything as miracles."

Albert Einstein

Lisa lives spirituality and authenticity in her work in such a loving and open- minded way that one simply has to feel good in her presence. I am very grateful to have met her and can warmly recommend her work to everyone.

Christina Zoidl

Old Knowledge • Competence • Warmth • Love • Empathy • Clarity • Energetic Wisdom • A Wonderful Woman • Lovingly Sincere & Life Changing • Cell Renewal & Deep • High Swing • High Quality • Very Easy to Understand • Energetically Fluent • LIFE FEELS NEW THANK YOU

Lisa Ogbidi

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