Business Mentoring

You have come to the right site if:

  • You just started a business and you want a clear and secure path to success.
  • You have been an entrepreneur for some time, want to optimize your business and multiply your sales. 
  • You have a clear vision in mind and are looking for a concrete way of implementation. 

What sets me apart from other business mentors:

I will provide you with my highly enhanced intuitive perception and read the landscape of your soul. Through this special intuitive gift, I have a holistic and effective way, to grasp the potential you are not yet living. In the sessions with me, clarifying and healing energies flow to you. You quickly gain clarity and develop the power to expand beyond your comfort zone. This will help you to accomplish your goals fast and effectively! I love to empower people and give them tools that make them even more successful and happy. 

I offer 15 years of experience as a coach, instructor and trainer besides having trained over 100 consultants and facilitators for constellation work. With this experience, I can help you find a tailor-made positioning and business strategy that works and sets you apart from your competitors. This experience will benefit you and save you a lot of time and money. Because only if you stand out, will your business be outstanding! 

Duration and scope of the mentoring program: 

In our free strategy call i will create you a tailor-made offer. 

PHASE 1: Potential Analysis & Positioning

I will channel your Soul Plan precisely for you and help you connect with your great vision. You will gain clarity about what your soul wants to manifest. We look at your business and your entire life from a higher perspective and we manifest abundance and prosperity for your life. Based on the potential analysis, we find a crystal clear positioning for your business that is tailor-made and tuned to the light of your soul. We define a concrete and workable goal for your business.

PHASE 2: Business Success Manifestation

You learn highly effective principles of manifestation and we develop a realistic implementation plan. I'll teach you universal laws for abundance and success, and we will align your entire business toward success. We will create a powerful magnetic energy field that will magically attract customers, wealth, and abundance. I help you identify the barriers to success. They may have prevented your ability in the past to optimally use laws of resonance and attraction.

PHASE 3: Deep mindset and energetic clearings

To be truly successful, you need an internalized, success-oriented mindset and a holistic approach to your specific obstacles. I am a specialist in highly effective constellation work. Issues that are related to your ancestry as well as fears, doubts, and success-preventing loyalties can be resolved in the shortest possible time. Through energetic clearing, you get a stunning and magnetic radiance, which is immensely important for your success.

PHASE 4: Attracting your most desired clients

I help you define your ideal target group and their needs. I will connect intuitively with the field of your target audience and you can get more specific information because of this download. With this information you can create a customized offer for your ideal customers. We define your Avatar - your absolute dream client - and create a magical vibrational resonance with the field of your potential dream customers, so that they are guided to you. I'll show you how to use the laws of resonance and attraction highly effectively.

PHASE 5: Strategy & Finetuning

Depending on where you are with your business at the moment, we will find tailor-made and promising marketing strategies, cooperations, employees and team members. I help you with important decisions, business strategies, the development of your brand, texts and the color of your logo and corporate identity. All of these decisions are supported by my gift of expanded intuitive perception and experience as an entrepreneur, and you save a lot of time and effort as you position and align yourself right from the start.