Lead from Love

You are in the right place, if...

  • You have big dreams and bold visions.
  • You want to manifest true abundance, lasting success and meaning with your soul purpose. 
  • You want to make an impact on the world and enjoy the process.
  • You believe in miracles and magic.
  • You want to improve your leadership skills and come into your radiance as a leader.
  • You want to strengthen your connection to the spiritual world.
  • You want to accelerate your spiritual awakening.

Elevate your leadership and start the journey of a lifetime


A powerful 6-month container for spiritual awakening, empowered leadership, and ascension.

Pursue your highest potential while leading others to greatness.

  • 12 Live Calls
  • 12 high-frequency Meditations
  • Initiation in the 12 Great Rays
  • Deep Dive Transformation
  • Divine, ancient archetype wisdom
  • Secret manifestation tips
  • Intuitive guidance and soul reading
  • Opening of your intuitive channel
  • Energy Activation & Light Codes
  • Powerful community & Mastermind

Become an awakened leader and lead from LOVE


Dr. Sylva Sternkopf

Susanna Sedlmeier

Michaela Butz

Dr. Viktor Rothenstein

Who am I?

My name is Lisa Wallner, I am a multiple best-selling author and I am called the Detective of the Subconscious. As the developer of Soul Creation® and FoCos® constellation work, I support people to manifest the life of their dreams and combine deep spirituality with sustainable mindset work and soul-guided business mentoring.

I have been involved with the universal spiritual laws of life all my life and have never done anything else. In the US I was trained as a teacher of " A Course in Miracles" and incorporated these principles into my work as a coach.

Having lived my soul purpose as a coach and intuitive for 15 years, I know how beautiful it is to work and live in a meaningful way and support other people to reach their full potential with their soul purpose. I have coached over 10 thousand people and trained dozens in my FoCos® constellation method.