General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions
Status: Oct 2021

1. Scope:

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to all legal transactions between Lisa Wallner (hereinafter: Elisabeth Wallner) and her clients (hereinafter: clients / participants).

1.2 Deviating terms and conditions of the client will not be recognized.

2. Offer of services / conclusion of contract:

2.1 Elisabeth Wallner offers consulting, online programs, seminars and live events in the areas of business building, positioning and mentoring. Elisabeth Wallner provides member areas, access to the fb group and ZOOM calls for the duration of the online program. After the end of the mentoring, access to fb groups, member areas and ZOOM Calls will end.

2.2 Offers on the Website or in any other form (verbal or written) constitute merely an invitation to submit an offer. This offer may be submitted by telephone, e-mail, or online via the order systems provided.

2.3 Only when Elisabeth Wallner confirms acceptance of the offer/registration by e-mail will a binding contract be concluded. Alternatively, a contract can be concluded online when an automatically generated confirmation e-mail is sent to the customer

2.4 There is no general entitlement to participate in the range of services. Elisabeth Wallner reserves the right to refuse offers/registrations without giving reasons.

2.5 If a booking/order is made via an online ordering system, its General Terms and Conditions shall apply in addition.

3. Prices | payment terms | set-off:

3.1 All payments are due immediately upon receipt of the invoice without any deductions. In the event of default, Elisabeth Wallner shall be entitled to the prime rate of interest. The right to claim damages in excess thereof shall remain unaffected.

3.2 Installment payments: Installment payments are possible - if expressly offered and agreed upon by Elisabeth Wallner. Installment payments only mean a deferral of payment of a partial amount of the full amount owed. The offer to pay in installments does not imply that online programs or consultations can be booked partially. This is not the case. A partial termination/cancellation of an entire offer is therefore not possible.

3.3 Default in installment payments | Right of retention

If a client is in default with the payment of an agreed installment, Elisabeth Wallner is entitled, in addition to the assertion, to withhold services not yet used until possible payment.

4. Online program:

4.1 Use of digital products | Use of documents & content.

Within the Mentoring program Elisabeth Wallner provides text files to her clients. By using them, they do not become property. The client acquires only a simple, non-transferable right, revocable prior to full payment of the remuneration owed, to use and the content provided for their own use .

The contents of the online program and the associated files may not be changed in terms of content or editing.

The client may only copy for his own use or have a third party copy for this purpose, provided that the third party makes these copies free of charge.

It is not permitted to pass on the contents (texts, audio and / or videos, recordings to third parties (including family members, friends, acquaintances, business partners or similar);

Also inadmissible is the transfer of the content against payment or free of charge, its placement on the Internet or other network media, or any other type of commercial use, unless and insofar as expressly agreed in writing by Elisabeth Wallner. Verbal and/or implied consent is excluded.

Video Content: The videos can be streamed and are not available as download.

5. Cancellation conditions and right of withdrawal:

5.1 Cancellation by the participant

The registration by the participant is binding and can only be declared invalid by payment of a cancellation fee. Cancellations must be communicated in writing (e-mail is sufficient). The registration is contractually valid by e-mail, in which the offer was accepted.

For cancellations at short notice less than 10 days before the start of the mentoring program (Soul Creation® Master Class , FoCos® Constellation Training and Awakening leaders), a refund is excluded.
For cancellations up to 60 days prior to the start, a 50% refund is possible.Should a participant decide to cancel the Soul Creation® Master Class, 1:1 Business Mentoring, FoCos® Constellation Training or Awakening leaders early, no refund of the amount or part of the amount is possible.

5.2 Each participating person declares that he/she is able to act on his/her own responsibility, that he/she is sufficiently insured and that he/she indemnifies the organizers from any liability fees. Elisabeth Wallner's coaching and mentoring programs and trainings do not replace medical or psychotherapeutic treatment and diagnosis. The participant agrees not to disclose to Elisabeth Wallner any medical or psychological findings or medications known to be relevant to his or her behavior, including but not limited to medical or psychological care. All prices quoted include attendance only and all required documentation, unless otherwise noted.

5.3 As soon as the access to the member areas is activated, the right of withdrawal expires.

6. Liability:

6.1 The customer confirms with the purchase/booking of the products, the consultation, and/or participation in the seminars/events that he does in his own responsibility.

6.2 Elisabeth Wallner makes no promise of success for the purchased products, consultations, and seminars/events.

Both parties work to the best of their knowledge and ability for the success of the client. Elisabeth Wallner cannot take responsibility for her success. The client is responsible for the success of the consultation, participation in online programs and/or events at all times.

Elisabeth Wallner can therefore not give any assurance and/or guarantee that the desired success, the desired income/sales target, or other expectations of the client will be achieved by the strategies or actions recommended by her. This depends rather on the individual abilities and the willingness to implement of the individual client.

6.3 The client is at all times responsible for his personal and/or professional change. The client also acknowledges that he/she is fully responsible for his/her physical and mental health during the counseling sessions, both during the sessions and in the time between the sessions.

6.4 It is expressly pointed out that the advice provided by Elisabeth Wallner in any form does not replace advice provided by trained professionals, such as tax advisors, lawyers, auditors or management consultants or psychotherapists.

6.5 Elisabeth Wallner assumes no liability for third-party software.

6.6 Elisabeth Wallner assumes no liability for external speakers / consultants / cooperation partners involved in events or certain services.

7. Confidentiality:

Elisabeth Wallner undertakes to maintain absolute secrecy about all company and business secrets of her clients during the consultancy and also after its termination, not to pass on information to third parties and, if requested, to have her employees, freelancers or subcontractors sign corresponding declarations of commitment.

8. Data protection:

8.1 Elisabeth Wallner processes the personal data of the Client for the intended purpose and in accordance with the statutory provisions.

8.2 The personal data provided (such as name, e-mail address, address, payment data) will be used by Elisabeth Wallner to fulfill and process the contract. This data will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties who are not involved in the booking, ordering, delivery and payment process.

8.3 The client has the right to correct incorrect data, blocking, and deletion of his personal data, provided that there is no legal obligation to retain data.

8.4 Further information about the type, scope, location, and purpose of the collection, processing, and use of personal data by the seller can be found in the privacy policy.

9. Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Contractual Language:

9.1 Place of jurisdiction and place of performance shall be the registered office of Elisabeth Wallner.

9.2 Contract language is German.

10. Conditions of participation:

After your registration and transfer of the seminar amount, you have booked the training/program / mentoring. Program changes and rescheduling of dates are reserved. Should a participant decide to cancel programs or trainings for whatever reason, fees will not be refunded and access to the FB group and ZOOM calls will end immediately. Each participating person declares with his/her registration that he/she is able to act on his/her own responsibility, that he/she is sufficiently insured, and that he/she indemnifies the organizers, team members, coaches, assistants as well as the landlords from any liability fees. Our programs and trainings do not replace medical or psychotherapeutic treatment and diagnosis. The participant agrees to disclose any medical or psychological findings as well as medications relevant to counseling and remains responsible for his/her own behavior, especially for his/her medical or psychological care. All prices quoted include participation in the events and all necessary documentation only, unless otherwise stated. With the registration, the participant confirms to have been informed about the legal situation in Austria.

Elisabeth (Lisa) Wallner, her team, and her assistants are not liable for any damage to third parties that may occur through learned techniques or future use of her methods, which is not allowed for legal reasons or is used incorrectly. Measures of coaching and training are purely related to health maintenance. Our offers and services are for personal development and self-awareness. Except in the case of treatment by psychotherapists, they are not psychotherapeutic sessions in the sense of the Psychotherapy Act, but fall within the scope of energetics or life and social counseling (psychological counseling).

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